Web page on-line

After months of hesitation and numerous postponemnets RAarchitecture web site is on-line at last.


This page shows arhitectural projects I have been involved in during my work and during course of study on Faculty for Architaecture in Ljubljana, Sloveina. Some of the faculty projects were realised but most are study projects under mentorhip of prof. Vojteh Ravnikar, a number of faculty workshops with renowned professors such as Glenn Murcutt and Vittorio Magnano Lampugnani and some large-scale project workshops for local counties that involved teamwork with my colleagues. There is also a project that I did during my student exchange course on Oxford Brookes university in Oxford, UK in 2005 and the winning project for Isover 'Multi-Comfort House' (passive house) international competition that I did in cooperation with Bojan Fratina in 2007.

I have also co-worked on five projects during my work with architect Silvija Kajzer in architectural atelier Linear d.o.o., of which two are realised and three are in production or about to be realised. These projects are not well documented except for plans and pictures of realization.

After winning the 'Multi-Comfort house' competition people were inquiring about the project and where could it be seen. This idea of setting up a web page has been going trough my mind for quite some time, but I never took time. It would probably remained that way had there not been a collegue from Faculty for Landscape Architecture, that I met at the High school and Science ministry bestowal, asking me if he could see the project on the web. And now he can!

Tadej Renar, 29. oct. 2007
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